Newtown Casino (previously known as O’Town Casino) is one of the oldest casino operator in Southeast Asia gambling industry. Since inception of Playtech in 1999, continual development of its gaming software successfully secure a significant market position and eventually Newtown Casino had been widely implemented in every casino internet café across Malaysia. In addition of offering cutting edge and creative content products, strong partnership between Newtown Casino and its provider is one of the main reason to monopolize gambling market in this region. Now, Newtown Casino has become a common brand that any gambler would have in their mind once he steps in a casino café.

As we look further into various casino games that Newtown Casino provides, live casino and slot games are among the most famous. Based on our researches, both Chinese and Malay communities are addicted to slot game as well as live casino. It showed another successful product evolution from Newtown Casino to develop conventional casino slots from 2D slots become 3D slots. Moreover, we can find animation in some of the newest slot games. These games work best along with advanced mobile devices. Animation in casino games brought extra excitement to gamblers.

Despite having great advantage in online casino gambling industry, market revenue of Newtown Casino was challenged by some reputable casino operators in past recent years. Their marketing strategy was once again proven when marketing team introduced another emperor studio that merely target Chinese customer. This new studio was able to regain significant market share and put Newtown Casino back into pole position in Southeast Asia gambling industry. Besides introducing new gaming studio, they put more effort on quality gambling as well. Today, extra baccarat betting table and double roulette tables are available during peak gambling hours.

In this highly competitive and profitable online casino industry in conjunction with continuous rising of mobile internet over gambling pattern, research shows that 60% of internet users connect to internet through mobile devices in 2013. Hence, the casino management team aware of the change and developed a casino gaming apps to provide its user another betting solution. Android apps of live games and slot games are available for any mobile user. Now, everyone can easily connect to newtown casino anywhere to place their bet and win money.